Glass Railing Systems

Glass railing systems offer stylish, aesthetic and modern looking solutions for different types of buildings or spaces. Glass used as the main component in the system. Tempered glass which is more resistant to breakage is called toughened glass or safety glass. Tempered glass don't break into small and sharp pieces when broken. Due to this feature, it can be used safely in balconies, terraces, stair railings or in many different areas. It can be produced in the requested color and size in accordance with the project. Due to its transparent structure, it does not block the view and provides more spacious areas.

Features of Glass Railing Systems

  • Does not require maintenance.
  • Can be installed in all areas.
  • Available in all RAL colors.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Offers aesthetic and spacious solutions.
  • Offers stylish and aesthetic appearance.
  • Does not block the window or balcony view.