Structural Glass Curtain Wall Systems

Spider Facade Systems are one of the most suitable solutions for creating aesthetic structures that make the best use of daylight. It can also be used in storefront or showroom applications in buildings where visuality and design are important.

It is a frameless glazing technique used with main carrier systems made of stainless steel, glass columns, steel ties or wooden columns. Many different qualified glass units can be used in accordance with the performance expectation. Glass units are assembled with stainless steel joint fitting, glass holders (rutile) and spiders. Since only transparent glass is used as a facade cladding material, the rate of visibility between indoor and outdoor is at the maximum level.

Spider Glazing Systems

  • Offers an aesthetic and modern look.
  • Provides maximum use of natural light.
  • High-span facade gaps can be passed easily.
  • Thermal insulated or laminated glasses can be selected.