Unitized Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems

Unitized Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems are two-sided aluminum coated composite sheet used as complementary material in in different types of buildings. It creates a modern, aesthetic and stylish architectural line. It is a preferred building material because it can be used indoors and exteriors.   

Since aluminum composite panels are mounted on the main carrier with specially adjusted clips, it is provided to expand both horizontally and vertically. Thus, deformation is prevented due to thermal expansion.  

Aluminum Composite Panels:

  • Lightweight and robust.
  • Long-lasting, resistant to impacts and fractures.
  • Flexible, easy to shape.
  • The inner parts are filled with polyethylene.
  • Fire proof.  
  • Can be produced in standard or special dimensions according to the project.
  • All RAL colors and different patterns such as granite, wood, glitter can be applied.
  • Can be produced to different degrees of brightness.  
  • Easy to clean.